Got Questions? It’s Probably One Of These


Is Safe?

When you use your links are built by link building EXPERTS. This mean we know exactly how to build, hide, and construct links so that you do not get penalized EVER. Our links are built through over 250 unique IPs and hidden Private Servers. On top of this, we diversify your links and build them at a pace that ARE 100% natural.

In short: You’re in good hands

Does It Work Post Penguin?

Yes, it works very well post Penguin. This is the exact strategy we have used to rank dozens of websites for BIG keywords post penguin and have them stick like fly paper.

Oh! And because we are constantly adapting our link building, this will work post rhino, pigeon, and moose too!

Can It Bring A Site Back From a Penalty?

This really depends on the extent of the penalty.

If your site has minor link variation problems and you’re on page factor got you in trouble…
… YES we can help

If you lost some links or your links were devalued…
YES we can help

If Google penalized your site for using blog networks or if you have 1000’s of spammy links that have sent you to page 50+ over night…
… You might be in trouble

How Many Domains or URLs Can I Send Links To?

With our most basic package, just one. This is to make sure your site ACTUALLY ranks. If we let you split the package 5 ways, your site would not be taking advantage of the strategy. Now if you get a bigger package it is a different story…

If you get bigger packages, you can either split them between multiple sites (See what packages we have available right now) OR you can dedicate the whole package to one site. This makes it possible to rank multiple sites for medium competition keywords or knuckle down and force one site to rank for fairly competitive keywords.

Does Your Solution Work For Competitive Keywords?

Yes! Yes it does. This service is meant for competitive keywords.

However, this is within reason. If you want to rank for “how to make money online” or “forex” or “How to lose weight” this is just not going to happen.


It is EXTREMELY important that you do good keyword research or ask us to help you…

On top of this, if your niche is very competitive, you must understand it will take time to rank. SEO is a long term process, and if you are new in a tough competition niche, you are going to have to beat competitors that have been working for months to years to get their ranking.

The perk is you have a MUCH better SEO strategy than they do =)

Will You Pick My Keywords/Keep Track Of My Rankings/Do My On Page SEO And…Tell Me What To Do All The Time?

At we take a VERY personal stake in your success (hence why we limit how many people we let in, you can’t be “personal” with 100 people – And Remember, We Only Take Just One Client Per Market!).

We’ll point out mistakes you are making and provide guidance. We’ll even help you with SEO questions.

HOWEVER, this is not part of the service we are offering or included anywhere in what you are paying for. We do this because we truly care and do not mind going the extra mile.

Put very simply…


We are STRICTLY an Agency SEO Solution. You are paying us to handle your SEO for you.
SEO tracking, on-page advice, and coaching is not included in this service.

In short, this means we are not obligated to be your personal SEO consultant, and are not a SEO hotline. We will always be eager to help though, just understand we have our limits!

How Fast Will I Rank?

This truly depends on how well you do your keyword research. We have had people rank VERY highly in as short as a week for big keywords because they picked great niches.

If you are targeting a keyword with competition, 2-3 months is a reasonable bet. You should start seeing results within the first month though.

If you are targeting a SUPER tough keyword (we will let you know when you are) it could take awhile. Please keep this in mind.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes. However…

Because we run our SEO on a “limited seat” membership, this refund is up to us. Understand that when you use our service, you probably took the seat of someone who wanted to be in it. We usually have a waiting list and only open it up for the right new client. Because of this, it is very unfair to use us and then try to get a refund. Not only does it lose us money; but it also prevents another client from utilizing the spot you took up. If we fail (and we have never failed yet) we will refund your money.

HOWEVER, we are not jerks. If something goes terribly wrong with your order or you have a genuine reason for a refund, we will refund your money immediately. (This is up to us though)

We care VERY much about our customer service. Your satisfaction and our reputation mean much more to us than money. If you feel you deserve one let us know. You will probably get a refund even if you’re dead wrong =)

For any other questions please call us at 1-888-619-4146


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