Just tell us the keywords and leave the rest to us…Our experienced and highly-trained content development team creates unique, semantically perfect, on-target content specifically for you.  Why Us? The answer is simple, our North American University Educated Writers create content using 3 crucial criteria you won’t get anywhere else…

  • 100% unique, No Spin Zone, REAL content from REAL writers, trained in the latest Latent Semantic Indexing methodologies.
    What Training? Our USA based, University educated writers receive regular training and education direct from developers who build true LSI algorithms and retrieval methods for search engines.
  • College Level Standards In Writing Excellence – Our content is only original, on target and fine-tuned for precision algorithmic results, it’s also individually graded with the exact same criteria used at US college’s for style elements, readability and the highest writing standards.
  • Exclusive AccuMatch Semantic Content Scoring Engine ™ – The most powerful and proven weapon in our arsenal based on core principles developed at MIT and used exclusively under license from a patent-pending solution, actually permits us to rate, score and distribute content based on the exact primary algorithmic requirements, preferences and vulnerabilities of the search engines at any given moment. This powerful software system is not available anywhere else and we are the only licensed SEO partner in the world to have this exclusive “crystal ball” at your disposal…Our technicians filter all content through the system before it’s ever posted to ensure that every single noun, verb, nuance and phrase provides the EXACT MATCH content required to score ahead of the competition…



smAs you probably know, a social signal is a link or interaction from someone’s social networking profile to your content. Notice we said, your content, we didn’t say your site and that’s a critical mistake that many people make when they’re attempting to capitalize on the measurable influence of social signals and search engine optimization.

1st-page.com had the foresight 7 years ago to invest the man hours and R&D dollars into our Social Relay Engine which measures current social signal trends in the search engines, within specific markets and niches,  and in turn maps out a unique social signals strategy for every single search term, content source and destination URL.

No other search engine optimization firm has this technology, and we use it exclusively with our agency clients to give them an effective competitive edge in the social signals arena. The fact is, the reason why Social Signals for SEO are frequently said to have little influence is because 99% of ALL Social Signal SEO is done wrong. Every major search engine has invested significantly in social networks and social media, it’s completely naive and dangerously shortsighted to not see major role social signals play in high rankings, when it’s done correctly and effectively…

We’re the only search engine company that has the unique technology and a proprietary solution to provide dead accurate, effective Social Signal SEO – And we offer it exclusively to our agency clients who demand the highest performance for their most valued SEO clients.







Our content distribution strategy combined with our unique technologies mimic the natural path and distribution of viral content because…It’s the most natural way to get real links and quality links quickly which means that rankings not only happen faster but they are also always 100% safe…

Of course it isn’t enough to be ‘safe’, our links are also completely compatible with all guidelines and methodologies established by the search engines themselves, so the real key word here is : Done Right.

For a complete breakdown of how our exclusive linking system works, Click Here



  • 94% of our clients, regardless of how ‘buried’ their site was before choosing 1st-page.com now enjoy first page positions for their keywords. The remaining 6% are generally sites that were irreparably harmed by previous ‘optimization’ efforts from questionable companies. (There’s still hope however, talk to us about recovery solutions…)
  • With over 5000 successful campaigns under our belt from the smallest to the biggest names in the industry, we get results. The 1st-page.com advantage is about the meticulous care we put into every campaign for every client and it’s worth it…
  • As your “behind the scenes” search engine optimization partner, we do all the heavy-lifting while you reap the rewards.  We’re the Number One choice for astute professionals online because we have what it takes to make you Number One – And leave your competition fending for themselves.
  • It’s all about content, content, CONTENT – And nobody does content better than 1st-page.com. USA writers, University educated and trained by the same developers that build search engine spiders. The best team, the best training combined with the best software solutions, is the reason why SEO companies who need real results, choose 1st-page.com…
  • Our proprietary linking systems mimic a pattern of enhanced viral content that’s natural, ethical and tightly focused on rapid natural link-building. You’ll get faster rankings for your clients while ensuring they’re always 100% safe, no matter what…
  • You already know that scalability in this business is essential that’s why we keep the quality links coming no matter how many clients you have, we’ve got you covered.
“Everyone who knows Mike will tell you he is a man of the highest standards-- super knowledgeable and lots of fun, too. I'm humbled to have him as a mentor-- he has so much life and business experience to share."
Dennis Yu
- Chief Executive Officer, BlitzMetrics



  • 15 Years Of Proven Search Engine Optimization Experience.
  • The HIGHEST-QUALITY content and Social Signal Optimization Combined With Completely Organic, Safe, Hand-Built Link-Building.
  • 100% Private-Label Service.
  • USA Based Development Team & Support Staff.
  • University Educated Writers, Exclusive Licensed Technology & Proprietary Natural Content Distribution System.
  • 100% Unique Semantically Relevant Content.

1st-page.com delivers the most professional all-in-one SEO solution available anywhere, for business and agencies (If you’re an agency, you  can resell our Private-Label packages at higher margins) – And because our expert team aren’t kids in Mom’s basement, or even the best that the Philippines or India has to offer – Your 1st-page.com team is comprised of college educated, highly-trained USA based professionals who aren’t afraid to do all the hard work for you, while you reap the rewards…It’s that simple.