Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.

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We bet you don’t spend much time on the 3rd. page of Google – So why should your website?

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If you’re looking for more leads, more sales and real results that drive more profit then let’s take a look at our in-house AI solution that take your website straight to the top of Google’s search results.

Our Fortuna 5 Fusion AI platform, incorporates every one of Google’s public patents when it comes to website ranking algorithms to outrank your competitors – Think of it as a precise blueprint to take your website & your online profits to the top …

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AI Fueled, Expert Guided SEO

The AI system handles the science, our experts manage the content. Human engineers make the entire process foolproof and proven.

One Client Per Market

We don't work for your competition, just you. That's why securing your spot is so important. We only accept one vertical per market.

Proven SEO Optimization

We've been ranking websites at the top of the search engines for more than 20 years. Technology changes but expertise doesn't.

Custom Solutions

Every client is different and you deserve more than just "one size, fits all" - We customize our methods and workflow for every individual client.

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Your Business Deserves & Demands Exclusivity

There’s no point in working with any SEO company that doesn’t deliver exclusivity. How can any SEO company promise the best results when they’re also working for your competition too? When you work with us, you have the confidence that you’re our only client in your market, our number one and only client in your market.

Our AI solution is just one of the ways that sets us apart from the rest. Our USA based search engine optimization understands and knows business. We understand that all the rankings in the world don’t matter if we don’t help build your business too. In the past 20 years we’ve come to understand the intricacies of online business, from the top spot on Google to the subtle art of sales conversion and achieving your most wanted response.

Our clients include multinational corporations, virtual sales and service, and market exclusive local websites. No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have solutions that work and outperform the competition in every single way.

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You're Number One

One client per market and attention to detail sets us apart. First page rankings ahead of your competition is our goal - every time.

Incomparable Results

Our Fortuna 6 AI Fusion platform is the marketing intelligence behind every job - And our expert level technicians ensure the results.

Profit-Proven ROI

More sales, and precision targeting for more effective lead generation. No other solution compares.or is more cost-effective.

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& Yield More Profit ...

First Page Results

Your your search ranking has never been more important. Now, it’s all about getting on the first page and staying there. Fortunately, our Fortuna V AI makes that more possible than ever before.

More Cost-Effective

Our SEO solutions are the most effective ways to build long-term business online. The ROI on SEO is significantly higher than any other sales and marketing method. It’s that simple.

Rise Of AI & Competition

The recent significant advancements in technology present both an opportunity & pitfalls for online business. You need marketing expertise combined with the best tools to compete online.

You Need An Edge

We developed our AI systems to ensure that our leading SEO solutions for business stayed far ahead of the pack. Our exclusive proprietary solutions are precisely what your business needs to survive & prosper online.


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