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SEO Case Study #1

A prominent national law firm, regularly featured on national television networks and print media required several key search terms to move dramatically forward in the search engine results. The competition is fierce and they regularly compete against other high-power law firms with unlimited budgets for marketing and SEO. By using one of our premiere packages over the course of 3 months, significant improvements and gains were made well ahead of their strongest competitors. As an ongoing user of our services, this elite client now dominates the search engine results for Hundreds of tightly-targeted keywords and their most wanted terms.

SEO Case Study #2

A national buyer of motor vehicles required very specific keywords including certain search terms with well over 300,000,000 individual competing documents. The client started with an introductory package over the course of 90 days and when they started to see just how powerful our link-building solutions were, they quickly upgraded to our more advanced packages. This ongoing long-term client has now secured every major search term they required with Thousands of other long tail search terms as well.

SEO Case Study #3

An international furniture retailer had one specific search term they wanted to place on the first page of the search engines. The specific search triggers over 334,000,000 results but by using our services and following the specifics of our link-building plan, that client now dominates their market for their most wanted term and several Hundred other terms, directly as the result of working with us…

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