We Were Featured On Dateline NBC

tommWe were featured on Dateline NBC with Tom Brokaw because of our efforts to train and hire returning veterans. It started with the story of Staff Sgt. Charles Weaver…

As Tom Brokaw said, Charles Weaver has been on an extraordinary journey in the last ten years. And the NBC News team, led by Tom Brokaw, has witnessed much of this soldier’s odyssey firsthand. In the Autumn of 2002, when the war drums were thumping with a growing sense of inevitable conflict with Iraq, Staff. Sgt Weaver’s 3rd Infantry Division at Ft. Stewart, GA was just about to receive the order to deploy to Kuwait as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Charles returned home after the fall of Baghdad but his 21 years of service in the army didn’t seem to count much as he searched for work. Most of the jobs seemed to go to officers with college degrees. And, he said, he used to run into prejudice: potential employers were wary of hiring Iraq or Afghanistan vets, worried about how wound up they might be and how that might play out in the work place. For a man who had always worked, not having a job made him feel worthless at times.

After Charles’s story aired on national television, there was another big page-turn in his life story because Mike and Susan Costigan from Illinois were watching.

Mike Costigan, the founder of 1st-page.com, is a Morning Joe viewer. He took to heart a point Joe made on the show several times last year – that most Americans were unaffected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So when Tom Brokaw appeared on Morning Joe to discuss his Dateline NBC documentary called The Road Back, he and Susan made a point of watching the Dateline show — rather than sports, as they normally would!

They were so touched by Charles’s story and his raw emotion. They found it hard to believe that a man who had commanded an army platoon in such difficult circumstances was unemployed and struggling to get by.

As it happens, the Costigans are media entrepreneurs and own several successful internet companies, including 1st-page.com, a search engine optimization service company….

Watch Excerpts From The Dateline NBC Feature Story

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